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Tiny Prints is your source for stylish custom stationery, including a curated collection of luxe thank you cards, birth announcements, baby shower invitations and holiday greetings.


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Leigh Hall says

"I paid extra to have Christmas cards shipped and arrive by Dec. 11. I still don’t have them, and they are now saying the won’t be here until the 22nd, at which time recipients won’t get them until after Christmas. 💔 They are saying they sent me an email to approve. I get many spams emails from them, so I did not notice it. I asked if they could overnight them, but they said they could not- a multimillion dollar company cannot ship overnight."

chris says

"My whole experience with Tiny Prints has been terrible. I placed an order and paid for Expedited shipping which said the items would arrive before Christmas. Then I receive an email stating that it will not arrive before that date even though the day I receive that email is the actual cutoff day for placing an order with expedited delivery before Christmas. So I'd like to know how my order which was placed days before the cutoff still won't arrive on time? I was even told that if I upgraded the shipping to the fastest available I still couldn't have my items delivered before Christmas.

I then received another email telling me that the items I ordered are being shipped separately and will arrive on different days.

Then getting in touch with customer service is almost impossible. The online chat is closed at erratic times & only open for part of the day. The times even changed from being closed on Fridays (which the site stated on Friday Dec. 16) to being open 11-5 Mon-Sun (which was on the site the following Monday Dec. 19). I also sent several emails which were never answered. Calling customer service gives you wait times between 80 - 120 minutes which is ridiculous. If you leave you're call back number (which I did 3 times) you get a call back about 3 hours later.


Kristy ann says

"Second attempt with this company to order holiday cards. Never fufill or even get close to the estimated delivery of my order. Tried calling customer service for three days wait time was 84 minutes and NO one ever called back. Nor did I ever receive an email back from the countless emails I sent. Absolutely WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE"

L Geiss says

"This is my second time using Tiny Prints. The first time, I ordered baby shower invitations with expedited shipping. When my order was 2 days late, I called the company only to be told one of their printers was down delaying all the shipping. There was never a phone call or email sent to inform me of this or I would have cancelled my order and ordered elsewhere. My invitations arrived a week late.

It is now Christmas time. I received an email offer for 40% off and free expedited shipping. I put in the order but it would not take the expedited shipping coupon. I called and waited on hold for 30 minutes to be told there were too many customers placing orders so the free expedited shipping code was no longer valid. I decided to pay for the expedited shipping myself just to be sure they made it on time even though I didn't need them super rushed. Once again, UPS told me they will be delivered a week and a half past when they were supposed to be delivered (I paid for 2 day delivery). They were sent Ground instead of 2 day.

The quality of the stationary is great but they really need to work on the shipping and customer service. There aren't enough representatives to answer phone calls (1.5 hour wait on hold) and the lines aren't even open during their normal business hours (it says to call back at a different time). The representatives promise you the world so you feel great when you end the call, then quickly realize the promises they told you are incorrect. I am very disappointed with this company and will not be ordering from them again.

Merry Christmas."

John Gormally says

"This company has no idea of customer service. Hold times are usually in excess of an hour and they don't call you back (option to hold your place in line and call back)! If there is a problem with your order, you get no details, just an email to call them ... and wait an hour to talk to someone. Will find a different vendor next year after using them for the last two Christmas seasons Horrible company!"

Adrianne says

"I've been on chat and the phone with customer service all day because I am unable to apply a credit to my order with a sale code and have received nothing but disconnections, condescending responses, patronizing tones, etc. The fact that my lifetime business is not worth a $50 difference when I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars with this company is such a disgrace. The acceptance or exception for this order would have ensured that I continue to always purchase from Tiny Prints, but instead, they chose to lose a customer to this and all sister sites for life. This is beyond disappointing and frustrating that a company that specializes in greetings and warmth, treats their loyal customers this way. I will never purchase from Tiny Prints or affiliated sites ever again."

kylee says

"I used Tiny Prints for my friend's baby shower invites. One my first order, I received a broken box with my contents inside. The front flap of the box was off, the box was crushed, and the tape was ripped. I emailed their customer service and no one from their team resolved my situation.

Two weeks later I had to order a couple more of the following invites. I received them today only to find a bent ENVELOPE and my invites bent. I am so disgusted with this company and I will NEVER use them again. For it to happen once, okay maybe it was a mistake, but it should still have been addresses. But to happen a second time, get your work together."

B says

"I ordered our family holiday cards on tinyprints.com. What I received was pathetic and sad cards with a blue hue over everyon'es photos and mis-folded. My children would have done a better job. What a joke and especially considering the prices they charge.

I have now spent over 2 hours on the phone trying to get my money back from tiny prints which apparently takes UP TO 2-3 WEEKS. What a scam and horrible, totally incompetent customer care employees. I would not recommend this company to anyone unless you want to end up without your money and with ridiculous looking cards. I am about to file a fraud claim with my credit card company and the attorney general's office if this doesn't get resolved. AVOID THIS BUSINESS."

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